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Main Features Zen Cart

Allows customers to buy in your store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
Easily keep your product / catalog updated.
Works on the combination of PHP and MySQL.
Security - only your administrative staff can access your customer and catalog data.
Any changes that PHP code can be protected during upgrades by using the integrated security override.
Switching from one installed template to another is as simple as a few clicks in the administration.
Merchandise Pricing options - Single and multiple objects can be sold. options include percentage-off sales, Fixed Amount off, New Price, sales, etc. can include or exclude product attributes. You can add or exclude a discount from a special. You can put a whole category or the entire store on sale!
Products can be marked as free or Call for Price "
Products can be marked as "showcase" for specific highlight / focus.
The products can be connected and / or copied to multiple categories
Minimum or maximum quantities and units - You can sell one per customer or require at least 4 and in multiples of 2. You can set requirements on a per-product basis.
Quantity discounts by product can be configured for different levels of price or quantity levels.
The store layout can be controlled in great detail simply by changing the settings in the Admin. Choose your side column and box widths, breadcrumbs Separator, which shrouds the page where you want to view, enable / disable links in various places.
Entire categories of products (or individual products) can be enabled / disabled with a few clicks
The ordering of products is easily controlled in the area of administration.
If you need to take the site offline for a period of maintenance can be done easily by posting advance notices, as well as a maintenance-friendly page that is also search-engine friendly. Webmaster and WebDesigner can specify IP addresses to override maintenance and still access the site for testing.
You can send e-mail client more administrative activities of shopping for various administrators as desired. Email addresses are protected from abuse, because it does not appear on the screen. The contact page can be configured to support multiple destinations, such as sales, technical support, Webmaster, and so on.
Almost every piece of information about your products can be controlled in the areas of administration, giving the possibility to develop how your products and services appear to your customers. The features and options can be enabled / disabled easily and quickly.
Multiple elements can be added to your shopping cart by simply entering quantities and click Add
The product type feature allows you to customize information fields and display format for different products differently. Products for sale vs Documents for viewing, vs Music Downloads, and the list goes on.
A check for the acceptance of terms of service has been added for compliance with new laws regarding privacy and disclosure.
Shipping Options - multiple carriers are supported, including Hold for collection, free delivery within the area, and the largest courier and postal services
Customer Access Control - You can create your own shop to only allow customers access to pricing or pricing but not buying until after being authorized by an administrator. You can limit the exploration to everyone even if you wish.
Window - You can set your store to be simply a product showcase, without the prices at all.
The search options allow you to search for products based on name, description, metatags, price, and more!
Meta Tag keywords and descriptions can be controlled at the level of individual products, all with the administration interface
Automatic detection of search engine spiders
Smart content meta tag generation for search engines
Banner Advertising - Display information about your business colleagues and track banner link activity. Banners open in new windows so that customers never really leave your site.
Shipping Estimator allows the customer to get an idea of shipping costs prior to checkout
Coupons and gift certificates are easily handled both by customers and administrators
Customer "Group Pricing" allows groups of users to receive a discount amount to the case
Newsletter system and Product Notification System
PayPal IPN and many other popular Merchant Services supported
Customers can write product reviews (approvals can be requested by an administrator)
Low-Stock notifications to administrator when inventory is always low (level can be configured)
Support multi-languages
Support for multiple currencies


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